PANI malala

ehthno-folk band


Hammered dulcimer, guitar, cajon, djembe, tamtam, tambourines, triangle, shakers, jaw harp, kazoo, ocarinas of various sizes and ranges, finger cymbals, rain stick, spring drum and everything in the environment that can produce sounds — this is just an incomplete list of music instruments that are used by the modern ehthno-folk band PANI malala.

How do folk songs acquire traits of reggae, blendcompositions of the classics, are enriched with jazz intonations and modern rhythms? The story of each composition inspires the band members to look for the expressive means that could convey the plots of the songs to the contemporaries. Music and theater are combined on par in PANI malala’s art.

The three performers blend the already existent and freshly invented playing techniques and vocals in the simultaneity…

  • Katsiaryna Makarchuk is a musician, a student of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, a teacher of vocals to the youngest talents, the ease and mood of the band;
  • Yuliana Shyrma — a musician, producer, a post-graduate student of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, stage directing pedagogue of the National School of Beauty, the inspiration, creativity and impetus of the band;
  • Pilip Sychou — a musician, vocalist, programmer and expert in every subject of his interest, the support and reliability of the band.

PANI malala thinks with the stories of Slavig folk songs, which become a great play of every meeting with the audience…

Екатерина Макарчук
Katsiaryna Makarchuk
vocals, percussion
Юлиана Ширмо
Yuliana Shyrma
hammered dulcimer, vocals, percussion
Культурная дипломатия. Минск — Москва: живопись дружбы Культурная дыпламатыя. Мінск - Масква: жывапіс сяброўства
Pilip Sychou
guitar, vocals, percussion